General Rules:

- Cbox GETLINK4U.INFO is base on voluntary, self-govern, democracy, equal, and most importance is to heighten the spirit of respectation on each member and on the laws of The Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

- All information of member must follow the Laws of The Socialist Republic of Vietnam, that respect our good custom, civilization and other member. All member are forbidden to cause dangerous flame, war with other member and the administrators of the cbox.

- All member must chat in VietNamese or English. When chat on cbox. all member must avoid the way of using strange language, slang that could cause conflict and war, and never using those word that have attention to racist.

- Do not using cbox as a place to exchange, trade without permission from Admin or the other member from the Adminitrators, will not take any responsibility from any inlegal trade, exchange of member that using our chat box.

- Members are prohibit from using host, VPS, Dedicate Sever, fake IP to download link from cbox. When those things are detected will be banned forever from download link of our cbox.

- Do not use temporary email to register in our cbox. In any circumstance, your nick from cbox will be lost or Banned if found out.

Adminitrator’s Rules:

- When working on cbox, must use Mod nick to help member.

- Mod are fobbiden from using host to leech anywhere outside cbox or for themselves without permission from Admin.

- Mod are fobbiden from sharing Mod nick.

- When Mod are on vacation or temporary terminate must report to Admin.

- Mod have power to Delete post that violate the rule of, spam, or any dangerous link in any circumstance. Mod have power to ban other member that violate the rule of All Mod must have responsibility to all decision they made, any decision could be reconsider by the Admin, and wrong decision will be penalize by Admin and the Adminitrators.

Member Rules:

- Nickname of all members must use Latin charater and must make sense. Do not use nickname that cause confuse with nickname of Admin, Mod and other member. Do not use nickname that using link and name of other website,cbox and foul word. Adminitrators have power to eliminate all nickname that do not follow the rules.

- All member must respect all member of cbox.

- Do not use more than 3 big smilies and 5 small smilies in 1 post.

- Do not use clone user in here.

- When post link, member must check link first. Follow Example:

  • Link:
  • Link Post: | One.Piece.The....AC3-HD.mkv | 2.2 GB

- Only Repost when link was not leeched and after 6 minutes, or after Mod confirm and request to repost. In download, if the link was froze, repost to get new link to resume.

- Any member post link that not follow rule will be reminded or banned by Mod.

- Member must finish download to request another link.

- To prevent too much request download, time limit rule will be apply to member:

  • Filesize =< 500 Mb, 6 minutes per link
  • Large file >=1GB, 10-15 minutes per link


- There will be 3 level of punishment in Remind, Banned limited time, Banned forever.

- Spam link, after Remind will be banned 2 hours.

- Post link die; not check link; not finish download yet will be banned 2 hours.

- Spam link other cbox; check link of other cbox Banned Forever.


- Every people that join cbox will accept all of’s Rules.

- Any conflict and banned member that want to have the reconsider of Admin must have proof as picture.

- Contact Support for any information.

- Rules of could change anytime, as any circumstance.